National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC)

NALACC is a network of community-based; Latino and Caribbean immigrant-led organizations in the US that seeks to raise the quality of life for immigrant communities in the United States, as well as communities in migrant-sending countries in Latin America. (website) Over the years, NALACC has built close working relationships with key civil society organizations throughout Latin America.


November – December 2014 – Thinkinc. provided strategic communications to NALACC to distribute a statement regarding the Presidential action that will bring relief from deportation to millions of families.

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Thinkinc. also provided strategic communications to NALACC to distribute the results of a new poll that demonstrated 2016 Latino votes will follow candidates who want to continue and extend President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration. Specifically, the poll showed that Latino support for Hillary Clinton in 2016 will depend on her stance on executive action to address immigration.

November 2014 Press Release December 2014 Press Release

Thinkinc. also provided strategic communications support to NALACC to distribute a statement regarding immigrant leaders support of President Obama’s new approach to Cuba as a step toward sensible relations.

Press Statement

October 2014 – Thinkinc. provided strategic communications to NALACC to promote its 10th Anniversary Conference – The Americas:  Challenges & Opportunities Across Borders. At the conference transnational leaders from the United States, Mexico and Central America examined failed immigration and insecure migration policies, militarized responses to the deportation of children, global warming and violence with the potential growth of economic hemispheric markets, employment opportunities and job creation for the North American region.

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September 2014 – Thinkinc. was retained to help NALACC leverage its member delegations traveling to Central America to conduct targeted advocacy pressing governments to take immediate action to protect children and families, and especially those who are returned through deportation and voluntary removal. These visits raised awareness of the root causes and proposed concrete steps toward increasing hope and opportunity for children in their countries of origin.

Thinkinc. provided strategic communications to NALACC to raise this issue in the United States, and compiled various immigration and political media lists to distributed press releases and ultimately education the public on this issue.

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