Building and stewarding coalitions of individual and organizational allies in support of a common aim, including the committee search and selection process.

Representative Client: One Chicago, One Nation

Thinkinc.’s work to launch of One Chicago, One Nation, focused on bridging cultural divides and engaging a representation of the Chicago area’s 400,000 Muslims with other culturally diverse residents.  Thinkinc. facilitated the collaboration of the initiative partners: One Nation, The Chicago Community Trust, Link TV, Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), and Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN), to strategize, build and launch the program while also bringing together neighbors, businesses, community and government leaders, to break down barriers and encourage interfaith and intercultural understanding and relationships.

Strategic Partnerships

Forging partnerships with key individuals, organizations, officials, and funders that support and enhance your ability to turn your goals and objectives into a reality.

Representative Client: Target Area Development Corporation & The Developing Justice Coalition

Our work with the Target Area Development Corporation and The Developing Justice Coalition, a statewide alliance of community-based, social service, and religious organizations working together on criminal justice reform, public safety and prisoner re-entry issues; has focused on building strong partnerships and developing a public profile for these organizations.  One of our most influential efforts for these organizations – a successful campaign to pass The SMART Act (Substance Abuse Management Addressing Recidivism through Treatment) – led to a series of public hearings which took place across Illinois in 2005.  Thinkinc. named the SMART Act, strategized programs to build support for the Act, and conducted the public relations for the campaign to get the Act passed.

Building Political Will

Utilizing strategic communications and partnerships to build the external political will necessary to gain public awareness and high-level attention for your key issues.

Representative Client: Community Renewal Society

As well, we spent more than 18-months strategizing the repositioning of the Community Renewal Society, a Chicago-based social and racial justice organization, and its elemental pieces,  Catalyst Chicago magazine (Catalyst),  The Chicago Reporter, and Civic Action Department.  We worked with the Reporter to help them conceive of themselves as a journalistic institution with the power to influence and impact public policy and we created an integrated communications plan to develop political  will  and bring that influence into being–guidance that assisted in the transformation of the journal.  We also helped them to develop a new web-based platform that has expanded their ability to participate in the news media with timely and highly relevant stories.


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