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We focus on building the movement for social justice and bringing new ideas into the public square. We build political will for change by transforming your passion into action, on the ground, in the corridors of power and through print, broadcast and social media.

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You are simply amazing!!

Laurie, you are simply amazing!! Great work today behind the scenes making this happen with the quick change. Great job to all involved with pulling this off today. I really believe we drew closer today as a collaborative. I felt a sense of connectedness today as we stood together in solidarity. We will not be divided!

Steven Perkins Metropolitan Family Services of Chicago

I want women to have power

I want this world to be governed by women like Laurie Glenn. I want women to have power, I want them to have real influence. I am sure, that this kind of world would be more inclusive, more transparent and less corrupted. This world will be definitely much more safer, prosperous and comfortable place for everyone, than it is now.

Andrei Zavalei Belarus; WorldChicago workshop participant

Passion for what you do!

Thank you so much for meeting with the French delegation! The delegates appreciated the discussion they had with you and they enjoyed your personality and passion for what you do!

Anna White WorldChicago

My daily mantra

Every bit of advice I received from you is part of my daily mantra of what to do with my organization and most important with myself.

Fernando Romero Peru, a YLAI Professional Fellow