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Placing Our Client at the Center of the Conversation

In the midst of the hotly contested Chicago mayoral election, public safety emerged as the most critical issue for many city residents. Our client, 21CP Solutions, a group of public safety leaders that includes former major-city police chiefs, has long been committed to promoting effective and equitable policing practices, and their expertise in this area has been increasingly in demand. 

At Thinkinc, we are proud to have helped place 21CP Solutions at the center of this important discussion by leveraging their thought leadership and strategic insights. By positioning 21CP as a leading authority on community-engaged policing, our efforts have helped to solidify their reputation as a go-to resource on the issue of public safety. Policymakers, law enforcement officials, and the media alike now turn to 21CP for insights and guidance on how to reduce crime and build trust between police and the communities they serve, not just in Chicago, but in cities across the country.

To elevate 21CP Solutions’ presence, Thinkinc. collaborated on promoting their report titled “Building Public Trust in Policing.” A comprehensive media plan was implemented, including drafting an executive summary, developing a media strategy and timing with leadership, editing op-ed pieces co-signed by key spokespersons, creating targeted national and local media lists, embargoing the report with key media before the national release, pitching Chicago/Illinois media, distributing news releases nationally and locally, developing talking points with leadership and scheduling speakers with reporters, print, radio and television. 

Image from 21 CP Solutions website.

Thinkinc.’s media plan was successful resulting in extensive media coverage in various outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, WTTW, WBEZ, WBBM/Audacy Radio, Block Club, Illinois Playbook, Axios Chicago, and Perf Daily Clips. In addition, several leaders of 21CP were interviewed and provided media training by Thinkinc. An Op-ed was placed in the Chicago Sun-Times on the day of the release based on meetings with three designated spokespeople. 

The report release also garnered attention at a televised mayoral debate held by WFLD-TV Channel 32, where the report was referenced in a question about police leadership. These efforts positioned 21CP Solutions as a reliable source for policymakers, law enforcement officials, and the media seeking to address urgent challenges in crime management for Chicago and other cities across the country. The media plan extended to televised mayoral debates and interviews conducted by various outlets, further positioning 21CP Solutions as a reliable source for policymakers, law enforcement officials, and the media in addressing crime management challenges. By leveraging strategic media relations and seizing opportunities to insert their voice into critical conversations, Thinkinc. helped boost 21CP Solutions as an authority on public safety and community-engaged policing.

This successful collaboration underscores the importance of an experienced public affairs firm in shaping public discourse and promoting thought leadership. Thinkinc.’s strategic media plan effectively built brand recognition and solidified 21CP Solutions’ reputation as a trusted source. The case highlights the critical role of timing, strategic outreach and media relations in establishing influence and thought leadership.