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As a trusted voice on strategy, alliance-building, communications and leadership development, Laurie Glenn frequently is invited to share her perspective and expertise on national and international issues.

Laurie Glenn on “The Ben Joravsky Show” March 28, 2022

Just when you thought the Republican Party couldn’t go any lower…

If Supreme Court Ketanji Brown Jackson were white, her Senate confirmation hearings would focus on her eminent qualifications. But instead the GOP’s defiling our democracy — AGAIN! — with their racist grandstanding.

Hear my thoughts on this despicable display and much more on my latest appearance with my good friend Juanita Irizarry? as we once again visit The Ben Joravsky Show. Listen here.


Laurie Glenn on “The Ben Joravsky Show”

“Stop turning your back on Middle America.” That’s my message to the Democrats during my enjoyable time on “The Ben Joravsky Show” in summer 2019. Hear about that and what I’ve been up to lately.



“Femme & Pouvoir” (“Women & Power”)


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