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Thinkinc. works with a range of leadership both vertically and horizontally who are looking to make an impact in their field, organization, issue area, etc. We work with leaders and leaders-to-be with an integrated model of personal development and political acumen. For more insights, see our Work Highlights & Full Client Roster.

Sharing Lessons About Power

Representative client: WorldChicago

WorldChicago invites citizen delegations from around the world to the Windy City to exchange ideas on the public, private, nonprofit, and tech spheres.

Over the years, Thinkinc. has been invited to create and deliver leadership development programming to delegations from throughout Africa, South America, France and Belarus.

One standout was a two-week series of workshops and meetings for young leaders from Belarus. Having worked with a previous delegation from Belarus, we understood the precarious nature of the country as evidenced in its recent elections. Our goal was to ensure that the Delegation members came away from their experience with a greater understanding of democracy-building strategies including community organizing. Thinkinc. designed programming focused on the underpinnings of civil society and democracy in America. We explored their interests in media technology, community organizing, philanthropy, specific issue areas and other pillars. We tried to personalize the sessions for each member so that everyone came away with very specific take-aways that would enhance their personal and professional development.

After attending session on sharing power, delegate Andrei Zavalei surprised Thinkinc.’s Laurie Glenn with this touching social media post: I want this world to be governed by women like Laurie Glenn. I want women to have power, I want them to have real influence. I am sure, that this kind of world would be more inclusive, more transparent and less corrupted. For more insights, see our Work Highlights & Full Client Roster.

Gaining Accurate Self-Perception

Representative client: German Marshall Fund

Laurie Glenn facilitated a number of German Marshall Fund trainings for the past several years. At the Brussels Forum in June 2019 Glenn’s workshop for the Young Professionals Summit was “Your Life, Your Story: Messaging for Today’s Transformational Leaders.”

The discussion included: recognizing the underlying messages you convey when speaking; understanding the difference between how you see yourself what message listeners are receiving; what key traits lead to transformational leadership; how to build your personal story describe your leadership journey; and how words and language reflect our core values. For more insights, see our Work Highlights & Full Client Roster.

Strategic Thinking & Youth Leadership

Representative client: The Sorbonne

Laurie Glenn has created and delivered several workshops at the Sorbonne. For example, in 2018 she led students in a structured exercise on doing research and developing a media-attracting report to gain public support for a fictitious policy initiative. Students presented their defined strategies aimed at drawing coverage from Le Monde, the new York Times or the Wall Street Journal, answering journalistic, strategic and logistical questions. Students emerged from the workshop with the real-world knowledge that a great idea alone is not enough to effect change. Strategy, experience and relationships can help turn a great idea into important legislation. For more insights, see our Work Highlights & Full Client Roster.

Developing Leaders & the Entire Team

Representative client: Schoolsmart KC

Thinkinc. was retained by SchoolSmart KC, to provide one-on-one leadership development coaching in 2017 and 2018 for the communications and community engagement chief of staff in the Kansas City Public Schools. We also assisted with team development, providing staff and community-leader training for a potential upcoming anti-privatization campaign. For more insights, see our Work Highlights & Full Client Roster.