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Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago is a non-profit service provider focused on neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing and promoting homeownership.

Since July 2015 and currently on retainer – Thinkinc. was retained by NHS to assist with its over repositioning under the leadership of its new president. Our work entails building political will and raising the profile of the institution as a key player in the world of community development.

During the first six months Thinkinc. worked in conjunction with another strategic planning firm as we also prepared an internal and external communications assessment. We worked in tandem with internal staff and assisted with the design and copy of the final public strategic plan documents.

Thinkinc. also presented a separate internal and external communications assessment conducting numerous interviews with a range of stakeholders.

In addition, Thinkinc. has worked with staff to raise the overall profile and presence of the institution through traditional and social media. This has included developing strategies for announcing a citywide housing program that yielded a significant Chicago Tribune article as well as announcements of its new leadership team. in addition, we assisted with the strategic communications in transitioning one of its neighborhood offices.

Thinkinc. has also worked with staff on assessing its website, social media, building a strategy for more consistent internal and external communications and overall messaging for a range of documents including leadership speeches.

In April 2016, Thinkinc. assisted in the launch of Renew Woodlawn, a partnership with multiple public and non-profit agencies to provide homeownership opportunities on Chicago’s Southside in the in Woodlawn community. Thinkinc. provided assistance with the overall marketing plan for the sale of 20 formerly vacant and abandoned buildings including the roll out of the project at a ribbon cutting kick off/open house. Thinkinc. provided event assistance with the agenda and talking points and strategic media relations and social media consulting services including drafting and distributing media materials (media alert, news release and fact sheet, pitching and a summary of media placements including a story on WLS, Channel 7 News.

Currently, Thinkinc. is developing an integrated marketing plan based upon the revised strategic plan. As well as providing ongoing public affairs, community relations and communications services.

Media Kit: Social Media Strategy| Fact Sheet | News Release


  • *WLS-TV, Channel 7 | Saturday, May 14, 2016: Website Photo and story on website as well as news story CHICAGO (WLS) — A program to revitalize Woodlawn is targeting 20 new buyers to purchase homes in the South Side neighborhood. Community leaders celebrated the closing of the first home on Saturday. Under the new initiative, homebuyers can get grants for down payments and other assistance. The Renew Woodlawn Homeownership Program is funded by three non-profits and the City of Chicago. Play / Download


  • WGN Radio | taped Paula Grantt in advance and aired on Saturday, May 4, 2016
  • WVON Radio | This placement was generated by NHS staff and aired the week prior to the launch.