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The Federation for Community Schools

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The Federation for Community Schools works to bring together individuals and organizations who support community schools throughout Illinois. Through collaboration, the Federation promote policies that support quality full service community schools, serve as a clearinghouse of community school best practices and facilitate the professional networking of community school practitioners (website.)


Thinkinc. developed the concept and strategy to create a sustainable approach to funding community schools in Illinois on behalf of the Chicago Campaign for Community Schools. Our planning process included an extensive series of nearly 60 interviews with stakeholders and the strategizing and creation of concept development materials, as well as building the political will with funders and key players to create and fund a new organization. At the core of our efforts, we engaged the Chicago Coalition for Community Schools to partner with the Campaign, and created and named a new organization, The Federation for Community Schools. We documented all of our efforts in a December 2005 report, Sustainability Plan for Community Schools. Due to the efforts of Thinkinc., the Federation is now positioned as an advocate for community schools in Illinois.