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With strategic direction, conceptual design, content and copy assistance from Thinkinc., the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute (GCI) unveiled a new website to reflect the organization’s reaffirmation of and central focus on harnessing the power of research to find solutions to urban challenges.

Visit the new GCI website:


Welcome To The Launching Of Great Cities Institute’s New Website

February 17, 2014

Dear GCI followers,

Welcome to the launching of Great Cities Institute’s new website.

Great Cities Institute (GCI) serves as a research hub and meeting place for scholars, policymakers, and stakeholders who share an interest in finding answers to the question, “What can cities and regions do to make themselves into great places?”

As a premier engaged-university, UIC proudly reaffirms its Great Cities Commitment to serve metropolitan communities and support research to improve the quality of life in Chicago and cities across the world.

Our role at GCI is to support urban research and build strategic partnerships that leverage the intellectual capital of the University with government and experiences of non-profit foundation, business, community, and civic organization advocates. By bridging discussions across a range of concerned audiences, GCI serves as a meeting place where people come together to highlight research, analyze issues, and formulate solutions to the multi-dimensional challenges of the changing socio-political economy of urban areas.

As part of this, we are pleased to introduce our new website – designed with a fresh, contemporary look and user-friendly navigation so that you can quickly access the latest news, research, policy updates, and educational programming on the social, cultural, and economic vitality of regions, cities, local communities and neighborhoods.

One area of our website that we are particularly excited to bring to you is the research hub section. To keep the dialogue, writings and thoughts focused on topics with the greatest potential impact, GCI has developed a set of ‘Research Clusters’ that represent areas of concentration within our research agenda. In this section of our website you will find work that revolves around key areas of:

  • Employment and Economic Development
  • Local and Regional Governance
  • Dynamics of Global Mobility

GCI’s Research Clusters bring together researchers from UIC, other universities, and various community stakeholders to share insights and research on complex issues, inform and produce debates, and influence public dialogue around critical issues.

Driven by our commitment to high-quality, rigorous research that is relevant, accessible, and contributes to improved quality of life, equity, and justice in cities and metropolitan regions, our impact will be seen in the re-shaping of public debate through research and analysis that leads to practical, real-world solutions. Now with continually updated data and information, we hope you will look to the GCI website as your portal for the resources and information to fortify these important discussions around critical urban issues.


Teresa Córdova